Your path to personalised healthcare

Your DNA has the potential to provide deeper insights into how your body works.

Find out what your unique genetic profile can tell you about your heart and regain control over your health.

Heart DNA Test

Our DNA is what makes each of us unique, like a recipe book it holds the instructions for making all parts of our bodies.

Our test has been designed to help you uncover how your DNA is impacting your heart health and how your genetics may alter your body's response to certain diets, nutrients and medications.

With your genetic data and lifestyle information we provide a comprehensive report reviewed by a cardiologist for a full assessment of your heart health.

What We Test For

Inherited Conditions

We screen for genetic predispositions linked to cardiovascular diseases. Find out if you have an associated chance of developing a cardiac condition in the future.

Drug Response

Based on your genetics, this test can help your practitioner better direct your course of treatment by identifying the drugs that would benefit you the most.

Diet & Nutrition

A healthy diet can boost your cardio fitness. Have a look at your genetic makeup and learn how your body’s metabolism is responding to certain diets and nutrients.

Keep in mind that many conditions and traits are influenced by multiple factors. Our reports are intended for informational purposes only and do not diagnose a disease or illness.

How It Works

1. Get your Heart DNA test

Order your DNA test and we'll send it to your doorstep. The kit will include all that you need to collect your saliva sample.

2. Collect your saliva sample

Register your test online and collect your saliva sample. You can send it back to us free of charge by using the same box it came in.

3. Get your personalised report

We will analyse your sample, generate your personalised genetic report and have it reviewed by one of our partner cardiologists.

4. Talk to a medical practitioner

Follow-up with one of our partner consultants to further discuss your results. Alternatively, a printable version is available to take to your own practitioner.

Meet Our Partners

Dr Aftab Gill

Cardiologist in Birmingham and Burton-on-Trent

Dr Aftab Gill is a Consultant Cardiologist with a specialist interest in Interventional Cardiology. Dr Gill is sub-specialised in coronary intervention procedures and installing pacemakers and other complex devices.

Dr Ali Hamaad

Cardiologist in Birmingham and Sutton Coldfield

Dr Hamaad is a consultant cardiologist at Walsall Hospitals NHS Trust. He holds a clinical excellence award for his development of the cardiology department as well as a local recognition awards for his outstanding care for patients with heart conditions.

Interested in becoming a partner? Please register your interest and we will be in touch very soon.


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